A Morning Cup of Balance (The Morning Cup series) [Spiral-bound] Review

A Morning Cup of Balance [Spiral-bound]"Research has shown that any exercise that helps build muscular strength and endurance will improve your ability to function in your daily life." ~Dr. Alan Walmsley

A Morning Cup of Balance is a 15-minute routine that encourages a deeper awareness of how the body moves when you present balance challenges. Not only is this a fun routine, it can help you prevent injuries in daily life. The exercises are designed to increase strength, stability and flexibility. You will be standing, sitting and also moving back and forth and side to side. While you don't need anything more than a chair, a ball is useful during the "ball toss" segment, although you can also use a pillow.

Kim Bright-Fey guides you through a personal training session on the CD and the book is a convenient reference, complete with pictures of each exercise and detailed information. A "Routine at a Glance" page is useful as a quick reference guide. There is a short "Tai Chi" for Balance section and an introduction to using Imagery for Better Balance. To truly enjoy these sections, you may also want to look for "A Morning Cup of Meditation" and "A Morning Cup of Tai Chi."

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Each book comes with a CD and the CD is very useful when you are traveling. Each book and CD provides a little escape from daily existence, then you can enter the world again: refreshed and strengthened.

~The Rebecca Review

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Product Description:
Good balance makes every exercise routine easier, and even ordinary walking, standing, sitting, and bending are much more comfortable after some training in balance. Exercises that also build flexibility and strength work best to adjust and improve a person's sense of balance, and this guide provides step-by-step instructions for a daily 15-minute workout that will increase confidence, relaxation, and gracefulness in movement. Particularly helpful for active older people who want to maintain agility and strength with a quick and simple morning exercise routine, the accompanying CD also goes through the exercises and offers tips to enhance well-being.

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