Wings of the Morning (Kensington Chronicles, Book 2) (Paperback) Review

Wings of the MorningLori Wick certainly is one of my favorite Christian/Romance writers, coming up to a close second to Dee Henderson. And probably my favorite books from Lori Wick are the Kensington Chronicles.
"Wings of the Morning" is about young Victoria "Smokey" Simmons, captain of one of the fastest ship of the Atlantic, the 'Aramis'. When her father, the famous Clancy, had died and left her alone in the world, she asks God to give her strength. Three years have passed and Smokey begins dreaming of life away from the sea. She wants to have a home and raise a family. When she meets another sea captain, Dallas Knight, she believes that her dreams can finally come true. Dallas, also hopelessly in love with her, shares her dreams. But when a scheming and evil pirate comes into their lives, Smokey and Dallas' hopes for the future may come to an end. Will they have the strength to overcome these painful events and to trust themselves into their Father in heaven?
A truly marvelous tale taking place in the mid-1800s, "Wings of the Morning" will have you swept into a world of romance and suspense. I love the wonderful characters of Smokey, who is young and shy yet has great spirit, and Dallas, who will do anything to protect her. They are so real that it is very hard not to like them and to hope they have their dreams fulfilled.
The other three books of the Kensington Chronicles are "The Hawk and the Jewel", "Who Brings Forth the Wind", and "The Knight and the Dove", all of them filled with romance and suspense, plus they all are about people who love and honor their God. My suggestion to you is that if you have never read any of Lori Wick's books, you should start with these four books.
And if you are looking for other terrific Christian/Romance books, I recommend all books by Dee Henderson, including the O'Malley Series, "Danger in the Shadows", and the Uncommon Heroes Series. But be ready for suspense, intrigue, and mystery, because these books are filled with them!

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Product Description:

Victoria"Smokey" Simmons stands silently on deck as her father's body is lowered intothe Atlantic, asking God for the strength she will needto command the Aramisalone. Not wanting to remain at sea forever, Smokey dreams of the time when shecan trade her life aboard ship for a home and family. When she meets anothercaptain, Dallas Knight,Smokey believes her dream will finally come true. Butcircumstances beyond their control and the schemes of a cunning pirate threatento destroy this young couple's hope for the future. Wings of the Morningcarries readers on a tender journey of love in which painful events becomelasting blessings in the Father's care.

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