A Case of Bad Taste (A Morning Shade Mystery #1) (Paperback) Review

A Case of Bad TasteMaude Diamond is a struggling novelist who has never made the best seller list. She has recently lost her husband and has a serious case of writer's block. Her elderly mother-in-law moves in with her, followed by her daughter, reeling from a disastrous marriage. So life is looking pretty bleak with nothing to pique Maude's interest until--
Well, you'd never guess. A mysterious burglar is knocking over homes in the little town of Morning Shade, Arkansas--a burglar who never steals anything, but comes in to rearrange the furniture and redecorate. Who could it be? And why is he (or she) doing this?
It is a pretty far-fetched plot, to be sure, and it takes a while for author Copeland to hit her stride. I wasn't sure I could finish this book, but I'm glad I did. It gradually draws you in to the warm-hearted ambience of the little town and its quirky characters. The story takes off and I found myself enjoying it in spite of myself.
Bad Taste is not great literature. The plot is absurd, the dialogue is awkward, the characters are all too quirky and lovable. More serious, the author is not subtle about her Christian faith, and sometimes comes perilously close to preaching. Still, the book was fun and easy to read and I enjoyed it for what it is. Reviewed by Louis N. Gruber.

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Product Description:
Frustrated author M. K. Diamond is suffering from another bout of writer's block when the perfect plot unfolds in real life: a burglar in Morning Shade is breaking into homes and redecorating, of all things! If only Maude can keep her feisty mother-in-law, Stella, on the case before the trail grows cold and her manuscript freezes up again.

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