Good Morning, Chick [Paperback] Review

Good Morning, Chick [Paperback]How many times I read this book to my children! The very youngest child can understand the story line and appreciate the repetetive text (which you can edit easily for your own sanity, if necessary).We are introduced to the little chick, his mother, and his home. Danger enters the chick's world in the form of a black, hissing cat, but Mom shields the chick with her big brown wing, and clucks the cat out of the picture. The chick meets a big frog and even falls into the pond and gets wet -- which little children think is terrifically funny.The bright, colorful pictures appeal to the very young and are easy on the adult eye.It doesn't sound like much, but it ends up being a very rich, warm experience to share this book with a little one.My 13 year old saw it today, and went through it with a bg grin on his face; which is why I checked to see if it was still in print. Thankfully, you can enjoy it with children you love, too.

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Product Description:
"An ingenious barnyard story, brief but well-paced, simple but colorful."--Booklist. "The bright pictures and the wealth of animal sounds and actions make it a natural for the very youngest."--School Library Journal.

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