The Holy Sabbath Morning - A Novel of the Alamo (Paperback) Review

The Holy Sabbath Morning - A Novel of the AlamoI've just recently read Dunbar's "Holy Sabbath Morning" and Harrigan's "Gates of the Alamo." Although "Gates" is better written, I feel that "Holy Sabbath" is a much better, and more entertaining book. While "Holy Sabbath" was hard to read at times because of all of the grammatical mistakes and spelling errors, it seemed to give me a better sense of what was happening at the Alamo during those 13 days in 1836. I believe that the mistakes come from the fact that the book was published by a "DotCom" publisher and that the original pages were probably scanned into a computer. When this happens, a percentage of words are bound to be misspelled. The computer sees a "e" as a "o" or a "h" as a "n", so, I do not blame the author for the many mistakes in the book. (One reviewer felt that there was at least one mistake on every page. I don't think this is true but there was one on every other page, at least!) And, I know that Dunbar has been criticized for using dialog and ideas from other sources. Well, this I know is true! Every now and then I came across a line or a situation that came directly from the John Wayne movie! Still, I liked the way Dunbar wrote. He kept the story historically accurate (which is a lot more than I can say for Harrigan!) and Dunbar did a good job of telling the entire story of the siege, not just the final 90 minute battle.
Although other authors go into much more detail in developing their characters, Dunbar's "Holy Sabbath" was very light on development. Still, when dealing with historical characters, it's probably better to let history speak for itself and concentrate on an entertaining story. Dunbar did a good job with Crockett and Bowie but I believe that he went a bit overboard in trying to show that everything Travis did was with an eye to the future and to creating a great name for himself. Travis may have been arrogant, but I don't believe he was as arrogant as Dunbar states. Although I liked Dunbar's "Holy Sabbath Morning" much more than Harrigan's "The Gates of the Alamo," I still believe that the ultimate novel about the Alamo has yet to be written. Until then, I will keep reading what's out there!

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Product Description:
In the early morning hours of March 6, 1836, a raggedband of Texas freedom fighters fought to the death rather thansurrender to an overwhelming army of Mexican soldiers.The story ofthat stand, and of the thirteen-day siege that preceded it, representsone of the most compelling events in American history. Now, the readercan relive this epic story in Bob W. Dunbar's stirring new novel,The Holy Sabbath Morning.This vivid, thoroughly researchedre-creation will place the reader right in the middle of the action,right beside the heroic men - both the storied and the unsung - ofboth sides.

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