Courts Of The Morning [Paperback] Review

Courts Of The Morning [Paperback]I'm only giving this book four stars because Buchan and others have written better stuff. This novel, concerning the Richard Hannay menage (but in which he makes no more than a guest appearance) is more the tale of Sandy Arbuthnot, master of disguise, and newlyweds Archie and Janet Roylance. In a South American republic, revolution is afoot and Sandy is behind the scenes pulling strings and living in the danger. Archie and Janet stumble upon it by mistake, but then they join Sandy and co. Then Janet is kidnapped and Archie takes Geordie Hamilton into the heart of the toxic Poison Country in a desperate bid to rescue her.

The story takes a little more time to get going, unlike Buchan's tauter, shorter books, but once it does, it's gripping.

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Product Description:
South America is the setting for this adventure from the author ofThe Thirty-nine Steps.When Archie and Janet Roylance decide to travel to the Gran Seco to see its copper mines they find themselves caught up in dreadful danger; rebels have seized the city.Janet is taken hostage in the middle of the night and it is up to the dashing Don Luis de Marzaniga to aid her rescue.

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