Morning for Dove (Winds Across the Prairie) [Paperback] Review

Morning for Dove [Paperback]

Luke Anderson was disappointed when Lucy married someone else, but when attending her wedding he notices Dove Morris across the room. Dove is a beautiful woman, but one that Luke's mother would never approve of because she is a half-breed. Luke isn't sure whether he is attracted to Dove because she is forbidden fruit, on the rebound from Lucy, or because he truly loves her.

When a wildfire threatens the Morris ranch, Luke joins the battle, and he risks his life to save Dove. He finds himself more in love with her than ever. What will it take for Luke to convince his parents that Dove is a person, more than just a half-breed, and worthy to join the family?

MORNING FOR DOVE is book two in the Winds Across the Prairie series. It is not necessary to read book one in the series before reading book two, but readers might want to since MORNING FOR DOVE refers back to Becoming Lucy several times.

The characterization is a little bit flat, and the story line a bit predictable, but this is a sweet romance that historical romance lovers--or prairie romance lovers--should find to their taste. An excerpt from the third book Finding Becky is included at the end of the book.

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