Good Morning, Killer [Paperback] Review

Good Morning, Killer [Paperback]The story of the child abductor that Ana Grey, FBI agent is hunting with the assistance of the Santa Monica police department is riveting.Ana's relationship with one of the young victims adds dimension to Ana's character and engages the reader in the hunt and capture of the suspect.
The other characters in the story, however, are so thinly formed that they add no veracity to the rather incongruous turns in the story.One co-worker that had a friction filled relationship suddenly comes to Ana's aid, while another character moves from a bereaved widow to a crazy killer.
A truly unbelievable relationship is Ana's so-called obsession with Andrew Berringer of the Santa Monica PD.The reader is not given any opportunity to begin to understand Andrew or the relationship he has with Ana.It is difficult to believe that Ana risks her much loved career not once, not twice, but three times for someone that you can't really feel her connect with.
Overall, Good Morning Killer is a relatively quick read.The strength of the abduction plot is flawed by the sub-plot with Ana and Andrew.Although I enjoyed the book, I found I began skimming through the final portion.

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