A Tidewater Morning (Paperback) Review

A Tidewater MorningStyron revisits old themes in this collection subtitled "Three Tales from Youth" and set, two thirds of the way, in Tidewater Virginia in the earlier part of the twentieth century.In it we see three episodesfrom the life of Styron's autobiographical protagonist Paul Whitehurst atages twenty, ten, and thirteen.
In "Love Day" Paul, a youngMarine lieutenant, experiences intense homesickness in the Pacific Oceanduring the waning months of WWII.This is well-written but perhaps theleast impressive of the three tales.Next is best."Shadrach"is a wonderfully affecting, funny, and touching story of a 99-year oldformer slave who walks all the way from Clay County, Alabama, to Virginiato die and be buried in his homeplace.The title story shows Paul'sstruggle to accept his mother's approaching death from cancer and paysespecial attention to the complex relationship between hisparents.
Despite Styron's wonderfully indulgent and rococo style, thesestories make for fairly quick reads, as we are carried along on a stream oftelling detail and crystalline reminiscence.Not that the work lackscomplication.As with his larger-canvased works, Styron deals with issuesof race, Southern identity, heterosexual love, courage, cowardice,religion, and art.Here and there the stories are marred by facile liberalpieties and stilted dialogue, but for the most part it is a pleasure towatch this old master cast perhaps one last look at the familiar butstill-fertile landscape of his heart and imagination.

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