Red Sky in the Morning [Paperback] Review

Red Sky in the Morning [Paperback]GRIPPING!!! HOLDS THE READER FROM THE FIRST PAGE!!!!! DONT EXPECT TO SLEEP TONIGHT IF YOUR STARTING IT NOW!!! Ialso am a truth seeker and as I felt like I was in the shoes of T. Ruth Hunter, my life was dramatically changed as I learned the truth about "POST MODERNISM". Folks this is truly a must read!!! I'm looking forward to the next novel by my beloved author Ed. Splendid JOB!!!!!!! 200 PAGES OF NON STOP ACTION!!!!!

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Product Description:
As Arab terrorists hold America hostage, the lives of Ruthie Hunter and her four fellow fugitives are changed forever as they struggle to understand what has happened to them and why. She experiences first-hand what she had recently learned from her college thesis paper at Central State: ideas have consequences, and the consequences of ideas that deny truth can be deadly. Unaware that their grueling ordeal is directly related to what has happened to the nation, all five are forced to examine what they really believe as they fight for their lives.

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