The Eye That Sees Itself [Paperback] Review

The Eye That Sees Itself [Paperback]The title of this little tome succinctly encapsulates the paradox involved in both thesubject matter and the writing of the book.Constructed as a collection of short journal-entry like essays about the practice of meditation, it is a personal diary of reflections on what is ultimately an impersonal process. As such, the style here can seem a bit awkward; at times hyper self-conscious and at others detached and abstract.Yet the author has steadfastly pursued his inquiry for quite some time (the book was written over a period of about twenty years) and this has yielded a profound depth and range of insight. However difficult this insight might be to express, I think he succeeds here admirably.I cannot recommend this book too highly, especially for anyone who has taken up and maintained a contemplative practice while still remaining in the world.Here is a taste: "In a moment of real seeing something is happening that is beyond the subject/object mode, though connected to it.One feels, and is, rooted in a background of sparkling subtlety, and out of this background the objects of perception emerge.In a sense such moments are enough.Wanting more is greed.In another sense such moments beckon one to something other than themselves, What is that?"

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Product Description:
A collection of small, gem-like essays, exploring the vast domains that open up when one transcends the subject/object mode of perception. They were written by renowned physicist, Shimon Malin, over a period of twenty years. Combining simple metaphors with a profound perspective, based on his own experiences, he leads the reader to new thresholds of awareness.

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