Sunday Morning (short story) (Kindle Edition) Review

Sunday MorningAs you read the story, you become part of it.The writer captures the personalities of the characters.The ending presents a powerful and memorable impact.
I can't wait to read more by this writer.

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Product Description:
Cindy was driving to the mall one Sunday morning for what should have been a happy trip with her husband and two children.She tried to keep the false smile on her face, yet was finding it more and more difficult to do so.Her mind was filled with many worries and frustrations.Thoughts that were tormenting her brain, making her feel as if she had the weight of the world pressing down on her shoulders.Only, none of those problems or regrets would matter for much longer, in the span of less than a minute, her life will be forever changed.

Type: short story
Content rating: PG
Publishing history:

It started out as a normal Sunday morning.A young family taking a trip to the mall for a little shopping.The mother can-t enjoy the day she has been looking forward to though.Her mind is filled with worries and regrets.Mostly she is wondering if maybe her husband is being unfaithful to her, and if she even loves him anymore.In less than a minute none of it will matter to her anymore, and she would give anything to go back to the life she had just been thinking about so hatefully.For in that short span of time, everything will change, and it will be impossible for her to ever go back to the life she now realizes she wants and needs. **Other books available for purchase from Pandora Project Publisher**


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