Car Talk Car Tunes: CD [Abridged][Audiobook] (Audio CD) Review

Car Talk Car Tunes: CD [Abridged][Audiobook]We love listening to the Car Guys and have always gotten a kick out of the music that animates their program breaks. Finding all these car and truck songs were on cd was not only a must for us but as a present for a friend as well. Performers you probably never heard of singing eccentric off the wall songs that make you chuckle as you drive in your own car. Some are not as fun as others and a couple even quite hard to decipher. But overall, it's a great cd and a pretty original gift.

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Product Description:
After "Will you guys please go away?," Car Talk: Car Tunes are the most frequent listener requests fielded by Click and Clack, the famous Tappet brothers.Listeners searching for disrespectful, irreverent car tunes that express their true feelings about their cars need look no further.

Facing another incomprehensible, costly repair? Wondering how you managed to buy the only lemon on the lot?Sitting by the dusty roadside waiting for a tow?Tom and Ray have always been there for you and they'll be there for you again.Just pop Car Talk: Car Tunes into your car player (assuming there's still enough juice to run it) and select a tune that best expresses your deepest thoughts and feelings.

Choose from 21 tunes researched by Car Talk's Department of Automusicology, songs with titles like, "Auto Service Hell," "King of Junk," "Cab on Fire," "My Bloody Yogo" and "Under the Wrench."This compendium of Disrespectful Car Songs features 21 of the best car tunes played on the air during the last 13 years of Car Talk, from bands including The Arrogant Worms, Red Meat, Betsy in the Gene Pool, and Dork Side of the Tune.These songs are just the beginning of a long list of anti-reverential auto anthems waiting to help you find the courage to slide back in behind the wheel.

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