Morning Drive to Midnight (Renee Prewitl Killingsworth) (Mass Market Paperback) Review

Morning Drive to MidnightMORNING DRIVE TO MIDNIGHT By Renee Prewitt-Killingsworth
What a ride!Real life former radio personality, Renee Prewitt-Killingsworth's debut novel Morning Drive to Midnight delves into the day to day operations ofradio.This story is complete with humor and backstabbing as well asinsider revelations of the world of radio.The complete recipe for a pageturner.
Using her story's character, Adrienne Daniels, a formerfemale radio personality, driven by the need to bring back to life aChicago radio station, that according to the numbers has been declareddead, connects with the reader from page one.
Adrienne Daniels, nowa newly-appointed General Manager faces all the ridicule and challengesthat beset most strong-willed and capable women who play the game with thebig boys.And, she does it despite nicknames like Dragon Lady and constantchallenges to her authority.Amazingly, she succeeds and keeps herspirituality in tact.
This author has delivered a powerful andcompelling debut novel and it will be interesting to see how the radiocommunity responds.Not since the scandal of payola during the fifties hasan insider, like Ms. Prewitt-Killingsworth, so cleverly exposed the fun-yetseamy underbelly of a business called---radio. A must read!

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Product Description:
Adrienne Daniels is determined to become a major player in the radio broadcast industry again.When a sudden opportunity arises, she puts everything on the line to turn around a failing radio station and make it number one in the fiercely competitive Chicago market.Adrienne's confidence and humor are constantly challenged as she struggles to find that magic combination of passion and finesse that guided her so easily to the top.Morning Drive to Midnight takes readers on a journey behind the scenes of the radio business and into the complex and exciting lives of the people whose voices are the foundation of their celebrity.

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