If Morning Never Comes (Kindle Edition) Review

If Morning Never ComesThis story of Bill's near death experience in Vietnam is an interesting melding of spirituality and the ravages of WAR.What a goose bump raising story!I have known Bill for many years and was no less enraptured with his words than I was tthe first time he shared the story with me. It should be required reading for anyone going to war, the families of those going to War, but most importantly for those politicians who have never been to War, but are very willing to send someone elses daughter or son.Write on Bill!

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Product Description:
This book has universal meaning to all readers and is one of those rare books that can have a profoundly positive impact on the readers life. "If Morning never comes" takes you on a journey where the tragedy of war nearly destroys a young man and introduces him to a spiritual force that guides him on his path through life. This book teaches the lessons of how to overcome overwhelming odds and find Purpose in life, while entertaining the reader with it's compelling story. "If Morning Never Comes"is filled with superb descriptions of life's lessons and will bring all readers to their own Spiritual awakening.

Even the most casual reader will be pulled in to this extraordinary story. The book is easy to read but very difficult to put down.

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