Motivation to Move! Hypnosis Exercise Motivation (Audio CD) Review

Motivation to Move  Hypnosis Exercise MotivationI don't often write reviews, good or bad, but my wife bought me, "Motivation to Move" and for the last 3 months, I've religiously gone to the gym. It's strange to think that something so easy is so effective.

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Product Description:
Ready to look and feel great?Go for it!
Wake up each morning - looking forward to exercising! Imagine how exciting it will be to see your body change, as your muscles begin to firm and unwanted fat cells melt away!
Beverly Hills Hypnosis' exercise motivation CDs can actually help change the way you think about exercising.You can begin associating exercise with relaxation or a long awaited break in your day -- the special time that you take for yourself.As this happens, you will find that you are eager to begin your exercise routine.Sounds crazy?Not at all.Some people look forward to cigarettes, while others look forward to eating chocolate or French fries.When we change the way we think, our attitudes change as well.
You can wake up each day and really be excited about doing things that make you look and feel great.
When you listen to Beverly Hills Hypnosis' exercise motivation CD each night before going to sleep, not only will you look forward to your exercise routine you will start to enjoy it.
Why is "Motivation to Move!" so effective?
By creating direct access to the most powerful part of the mind, the subconscious, you can teach your subconscious mind to automatically act in the ways that best suit your goals, rather than relying on poor habits that you've built up over the years.
When you align what you consciously desire with your subconscious motivations...your possibilities are endless!
Can everyone be hypnotized?
Yes.Have you ever been driving a familiar route home and suddenly arrived at your destination without remembering the last few minutes of the drive?This is one example of our subconscious mind taking over the routine details of life. Our subconscious mind handles most of our day to day activities.That is the subconscious mind's job - to handle the details of life, while our conscious mind handles the more important needs.
Most clients are amazed at how quickly they accomplish their desired results.Unlike traditional therapies, Hypnotherapy is able to help you reach your goals without going through years of self-exploration.
When You Are Ready!
Reach your goals faster than ever!You can and will make permanent, positive changes in your personal and professional life.Beverly Hills Hypnosis offers an effective, relaxing, drug-free choice for change.

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