Morning Earth: Field Notes in Poetry [Paperback] Review

Morning Earth: Field Notes in Poetry [Paperback]John Caddy has created a series of windows to see the natural world. In clean, sparse language, he shows the reader another way to see the creatures, the plants, the weather that inhabits the earth with us.I like to read his poems to my grandchildren just to watch them think and smile.
In a way, one poem aday is like a vitamin for your soul.

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Product Description:
"Whenever you write," says John Caddy, "you surprise yourself saying likable things that you did not plan." In Morning Earth, Caddy -- winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Poetry for The Color of Mesabi Bones -- brilliantly advocates poetry as a physical act - a morning practice or devotion, a decision to record quickly the direct, momentary experience of each new day. Caddy shares a selection of his daily poems covering the seasons of the year and provides instruction for individuals, teachers, and students starting their own daily earth journals. The raw, unfiltered inscription of each day opens the senses, integrating the writer with the whole of life through brief but powerful individual moments, inspiration, and connectedness. Twenty-five black-and-white images illustrate the text.

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