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Wings of Morning [Paperback]I bought WINGS OF MORNING because I believed it to be a continuation of NIGHT CALLS and KINDRED RITES. The story "Ducks" is a blip story of something Alfreda mentions in NIGHT CALLS about "duck blinds" but chooses to save that particular story for another time. "Ducks" is that time. It's a nice blip story, but I wanted to know what comes after KINDRED RITES, and was just very disappointed in having thrown six bucks down the drain for thirty-seven pages worth of story, when it's in fact two stories, one I didn't care about and the other too short to make it worth my while.

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Product Description:
About Wings of MorningTales of power and magic often speak of transitions.Magicians pass from day into night, from dark into dawn-they stand on the threshold of change and cast their spells.The stories we usually tell about our heroes are the flashy ones, the calling of the lightning tales, the riding of the storm saga, the splitting the earth and swallowing the enemy whole adventures.Wings of Morning tells about two heroines, both capable in their own ways of pyrotechnics, but this time learning lessons of subtle power.Anthropologist Brenna Stewart discovers that you can neither run from nor dictate to magic, while young Alfreda Sorensson of Night Calls and Kindred Rites learns that the power of life and death may be the greatest authority of all...and that magic may have nothing to do with it.From a cherished letter to the author about Night Calls and Kindred Rites, two novels of Alfreda Golden-Tongue, the protagonist of 'Ducks'-'It has been a very great pleasure for me to have been, this past week, introduced to your two books dealing with the Craft.Though I am not Wiccan I have friends who are and I know a little concerning the Lady and Her forces.And I have read a great deal in research.'The likeness of your people to those of Manly Wade Wellman is strong-though he dealt mainly with male characters and I found your women really more interesting and thoroughly believable.'...I have on order both volumes to send to a Wiccan friend who I am sure will find them absorbing reading.Do you intend to continue this series?I trust that is so.'And I want to thank you very much for introducing me to your world.'-Andre Norton

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