Puppet Scripts for Sunday Mornings [Spiral-bound] Review

Puppet Scripts for Sunday Mornings [Spiral-bound]A great resource for any Puppet Ministry!Joan M. Sercl gives tips on how to introduce your new puppet(s), voice suggestions, memorization tips, list of puppet resources, ideas for quick stage ideas, and an easy-to-use tableof contents sorted by month (i.e. Dec. includes puppet skits on Christmas). Even if you've already gotten started, this book includes 52scripturally-based skits that Joan M. Sercl has written with theventriloquist in mind.So, you're not a ventriloquist, . . . I'm noteither, AND the book is great.Joan suggests that you -- use yourimagination!We've done exactly that by adapting some of the scripts forseveral puppets (to involve more teenage volunteers). The message in thePurple Glove skit (easily performed with dyed gloves) is worth the price ofthe book alone.

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