The Morning of the White Stone (Paperback) Review

The Morning of the White StoneI read this book slowly, for I'm 80 years old. The plight of the young boy raised by relatives and mistreated is a heartbreaking fact of life. I felt his rejection, for the author has a way with words, creating such a connection to her characters, I could not put it down. The end was amazing and rewarding, confirming that with God, all things are possible.I would recommend this book, for it is inspiring, touching.The beautiful poems only added to my enjoyment, for I could plainly see what it cost the author emotionally to write such words.Only someone who had been there could possibly describe such feelings of pain as Mrs. Lewis has done.I loved it!Wish she would write a sequel!

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Product Description:
In the 1800?s, Matthew Carlisle, his Indian mother having died shortly after his birth, is raised in a household knowing little but hard work and hard words. Striking out on his own at an early age, he meets and marries a young woman , Amelia McIlewain, reared by loving parents and adored by her siblings. The smoldering resentment and festering anger of his childhood comes to the surface, resulting in unfaithfulness and cruelty toward his wife and family. A letter from his past and three objects left him by his dying mother offer hope from an unexpected source. Only by going back into his past, searching for the meaning of the name in the white stone, can Matthew save his marriage, his family, and himself from total destruction.

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