Divine Sparks: Collected Wisdom of the Heart [Paperback] Review

Divine Sparks: Collected Wisdom of the Heart [Paperback]I've just purchased my fourth and fifth copies of Divine Sparks to give to friends.It's a wonderful collection of wisdom and a great book to curl up with on a cold afternoon with a cup of tea.

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Product Description:
Quotations and sayings from all paths of spiritual wisdom. From'Abundance' to 'Zoroastrianism,' the 509 topics are arranged alphabetically. What makes this collection unique is the author's vision of a broadly-defined spiritual spectrum - covering all the familiar topics of spirituality, but wide enough to include topics such as ambiguity, bees, chaos, fractals, gambling, humor, identity, journey, knots, living systems, stones, whales and yew trees. Believing that spirituality and creativity are intricately linked, Speerstra includes many insights on such topics as: art and artists, beauty, color, dance, icons, imagination, music, painting, poetry, sculpture, storytelling and writing. Women will find here a ready affinity with such topics as: abuse, birth, blood, care-taking, circles, depression, dreams, feminine energy, friendship, goddess,healing, home, interconnectedness, moon, play, ritual, etc. Consultants and others in business and organizational development will find wise insights on such diverse topics as: achievement, balance, communication, community, complexity, control, creativity, dialogue, discovery, entropy, failure, future, goals, innovation, knowledge, language, leaders/leadership, listening, living systems, motivation, order/disorder, possibilities, potential, quantum theory, questions, relationships, responsibility, service, synchronicity, synergy, talent, technology, values, vocation, and, of course, work.

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