A Morning for Flamingos (Mass Market Paperback) Review

A Morning for FlamingosI had just about given up on James Lee Burke.After being stunned with the genius of"Neon Rain," I found most contemporary Dave Robicheaux novels rather gloomy and over-described affairs.Went back to "Black Cherry Blues" his Edgar-winning novel and was disappointed.Now, I feel I've read another gem.I am doubly pleased because from reading and seeing interviews, I think James Lee Burke is one of the most charming authors around.
"A Morning for Flamingos" begins with the death of Dave's partner while transporting two prisoners, Te Beau, a New Iberia boy to whom Dave has certain obligations, and the menacing Jamie Lee Boggs.Dave is left critically wounded and remembers little of the actual escape.The story leads to underworld figures, voodoo, and the sordid, steamy underside of New Orleans.
The pace and brooding menace never let up, and Burke allows no loose ends to annoy the reader.The characterizations are sharp, descriptive, and unforgettable.The solution is elegant and exciting.I liked Dave all over again.

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