I'd Hate Myself in the Morning (Paperback) Review

I'd Hate Myself in the MorningThis is a very, very good book.Yes, it starts a little slow as he sets the stage from his young life.And the chapters on his involvement with communism do not fully explain what his attraction to communism was.But I think after much research and book reading, this book allowed me to get as close as I could to the answer.And the answer is, in the current political environment of my life, you can never fully understand the travesty of the depression and the Spanish issues in the 30s and therefore, we can never totally feel why free Americans would feel so strongly about communism.So, I've finally closed my research on this subject thanks to Ring Lardner, Jr.
This book has some great highlights which should be cherished by the readers.Dalton Trumbo may be the most celebrated of the Hollywood 10 and his humorous attempts to write and get credit for writing are quite interesting during the Blacklist period.The book correctly conveys the lives which were altered or damaged by this horrible period in America freedom.
Another interesting subject is the few movies that are mentioned showing how the screenwriting process changed the movie completely from the original story.For example, I had read the great sports novel, "Semi-tough",by Dan Jenkins.Lardner wrote a screenplay and a new director had it completely rewrote focusing not on football but on mystical self-improvement gurus.I had always wondered how a movie could so butcher a very funny book so it was nice to get closure on a 30 year old question.
Lardner wrote and won an Academy Award for "Mash".This provides more interesting reading on a movie which is still significant in the landscape of American cinema.
The next to last chapter provides a look not at history but directly into the soul of this interesting man.What starts out as a description of growing old turns into an exceptional essay on his beliefs or nonbeliefs in religeon. Regardless of your feelings, this is fascinating chapter that may challenge your own beliefs.
In closing, I believe you will enjoy this read of a man who led a full life suffering through the Hollywood 10 tragedy and early deaths of brothers in Spain and WWII.I recommend this book specifically to readers interested in Hollywood, American history in the 20th century, or biographies of famous writers.

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