Come Morning (Mass Market Paperback) Review

Come MorningTwo broken souls find each other and start to heal on the rocky shores of Nantucket Island. Wonderful heart wrenching story of Brianna, a photographer who loses her seven year old son to a stray bullet. Brianna flees to her grandfathers Nantucket cliffhouse to be alone and try to heal her broken heart and maybe pick up a camera again for the first time since Bobby's killing. Then there's Slade, a Southern California firefighter who loses a young victim in a housefire. The mother of the child killed blames Slade for the childs death. Unable to cope with the guilt he leaves the fire department and California to seek out the reclusive home of his late father to try to learn a little about the man who left him and his mother when Slade was only 10. The journey Brianna & Slade make together is trully an unforgetable life touching experience. I felt a part of their lives, their feelings, their sorrow and finally, their love. A definate page turner and tear jerker. I strongly recommend this book to all who believe in the power of love.

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Product Description:
After an accident takes the life of her young son, lovely photographer Brianna Morgan retreats to Nantucket to grieve. In the next house, handsome fireman Jeremy Slade is drowning his sorrows in liquor after blaming himself for the death of a young mother. When a brutal hurricane ravages the island and helps them come to terms with their pasts, Brianna and Jeremy must decide whether they can create a beautiful new future together. Ads in "Romantic Times". .

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