Wake Up, Henry Rooster! (Hardcover) Review

Wake Up, Henry RoosterWake Up, Henry Rooster! by Margriet Ruurs artfully combines an original story with illustrations from Sean Cassidy to create the fun and entertaining picturebook story of Henry the Rooster's late-night escapades. Following Henry through an original and creative tale as Henry's father leaves for a week to be in a Rooster's Union Convention, leaving poor Henry with carrying out a rooster's responsibility to make the sun come up on time, Wake Up, Henry Rooster! engages its young readers as his late hours activities and lifestyle prove the little rooster unfit for a job requiring him to get up so early in the morning. A welcome addition to any school or community picturebook collection, Wake Up, Henry Rooster! is recommended for children ages 5 to 8 as an inspiring and entertaining tale of a young rooster's ultimate acceptance of his required tasks and responsibilities.

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