MORNING GRAVITY [Hardcover] Review

MORNING GRAVITY [Hardcover]"Morning Gravity" is the first novel by Gregory Maddigan and I am hoping it is only the beginning of this writer's career. A "coming of age" novel with strongly defined characters, Maddigan captures the essence of growing up in a Catholic high school with a wonderful blend of humor and pathos. Gordon Clearman, the main character, is a teen-ager with a twist; he is torn between the adolescent world around him and his thoughts of the priesthood.

His characters are genuine and for the adult reader they evoke memories of one's own adolescence. The conflicts Gordon and his friends experience ring true for us all. Maddigan's use of language and the integration of literary references leaves the reader nodding his/her head in personal reflection.

"Morning Gravity" is an outstanding novel and I recommend it most highly.

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Product Description:
Gordon Clearman's life is anything but clear. Having lost his father at a young age, Gordon attempts to replace him...but with what? When Gordon's mother enrolls him in a Catholic high school, Gordon befriends the charismatic and humorous Jack Boynton. Together, Gordon and Jack navigate adolescence, grappling with what to make of their futures. Gordon's nightly visits from the Virgin Mary convince him that being a priest is in his future, but he is surprised and confused by his burgeoning, hidden love for the beautiful Anne Claremont. Gordon must decide to accept his father's death so that he can create a life of meaning and clarity. Morning Gravity evokes the splendor of the spiritual journey from innocence to experience.

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