Detour for Emmy (Hamilton High series) [Paperback] Review

Detour for Emmy [Paperback]This book was on my teenage daughter's recommended reading list at school. My daughter is not an avid reader but after giving this book accolades, I decided to read it myself.I found this book very well written and the message was conveyed clearly and realistically.After reading this book, I had a discussion with my daughter and was amazed and delighted to see that the book had reinforced all the things I have been teaching her about the consequences of teenage sex that had seemed to be going in one ear and out the other for years.Peer pressure in high school is overwhelming enough as it is, and this book accomplished in a much better way, what I, as a mother, have been trying to accomplish on my own.Written from a teenage viewpoint, this book helped my daughter relate in a much better way than I or any other than any parent could strive for.The only thing my daughter complained about after reading this was that she felt the author should have stressed more on the difficulty in caring for a baby on a day to day basis, especially for a teenager(i.e. the everyday trials and tribulations you go through from the incessant crying, walking the floors all night, teething crankiness, chasing after them, dealing with illness and the extensive patience (and maturity) one needs in order to cope with a baby every single day). This book should be on every required reading list in schools across the United States.It should be viewed as an excellent aid in teaching teens across America the importance of safe sex and abstinence.Kudo's to the author on this accomplishment.

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