Sunday Morning Secrets [Paperback] Review

Sunday Morning Secrets [Paperback]In Sunday Morning Secrets, King's Chapel has many underlying secrets, and they will soon be revealed. Pastor Jonathan Pierce is caught between his moral values and God's teachings or hiding his wife's drug addiction at any means necessary. Unfortunately, there is one person who knows about his wife's drug addiction and is blackmails the pastor to help him with his illegal activities.

Busybody, but devoted church member, Alma Curtis suspects something is not right within the church. When the FBI comes knocking, because of a murder that leads to the church doors, Alma is determined to find out the truth.

Unbeknownst to everyone else, Alma has a secret of her own, that she has been hiding for years. If this secret is revealed, it will hurt those closest to her. Unfortunately, the damage proves to be too much and Alma does the unspeakable. Everyone will be shocked to the core.

Sunday Morning Secrets by Shirlita McFarland proved to be a surprisingly fantastic read. This is definitely unlike any Christian novel you will ever read. Although it is sprinkled with some sermons, it really has an awesome storyline that will keep you engrossed. I really enjoyed this novel and eagerly anticipate more from this author. Due to minor editing issues, with words running together, my final rating would be 4.5 stars.

Reviewed by Leona R.
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Product Description:
In this riveting tale of intimate secrets and hidden agendas, Pastor Jonathan Pierce is caught between the prominent church he is rebuilding and protecting his wife-s abominable secret. The fact that two of his devoted parishioners are murdered because of his deceit doesn-t deter unforgiving church member, Alma Curtis, from harboring a shameful secret of her own, that if revealed, will destroy much more than her saintly reputation.

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